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Give advertainment the boot – This Boston Globe editorial supports CCFC’s FCC petition that the Skechers show Zevo-3 airing on Nicktoons is not in the public interest.

Ads may roll out on N.J. school buses - Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow advertising on the sides of school buses.  If the New Jersey Senate concurs with the state Assembly, school buses in the Garden State may soon resemble rolling billboards. CCFC’s Susan Linn weighs in.

Too much screen time can psychologically harm kids – Children who spend more than two hours a day watching television or playing video games are at greater risk for psychological problems, a new study suggests. Children’s physical activity did not compensate for the negative psychological effects of screen time.

Social networks not protecting children's privacy, poll finds - A nationwide poll shows that parents and teens don't think social networks are adequately protecting children’s online privacy. 75% of parents say they would negatively rate how social networks are doing, according to the survey of more than 2,000 parents and 400 teens by Common Sense Media.

Show and tell: Food firms get kids to do the talking – Australian health advocates raise concern about companies who use children to do work-of-mouth marketing for products ranging from junk food to MP3 players.

A children’s channel retools – This New York Times article on the launch of the Hub, Hasbro/Discovery’s new children’s network, mentions that CCFC will be closely monitoring the station for product placement and commercial messages aimed at children.

New kids' TV channel raises product-placement concerns –The Hub channel raises advocates’ concerns about FCC rules protecting children from overcommercialization. CCFC’s Susan Linn says, "The notion of a toy company owning a television channel for the sole purpose of promoting their toys is egregious practice.”,0,1622131.story

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