Materialistic Values and Family Stress

The primary message of commercial culture is that the things we buy will make us happy. In fact, that’s not true. Research tells us that our sense of wellbeing depends on relationships, a sense of community, spiritual nourishment, and/or job satisfaction, not on acquiring “things.” Children who are more materialistic are less happy, more depressed, more anxious and have lower self-esteem.

Exposure to media and marketing promotes materialistic values in children and is stressful for families. Conflict between parents and children is directly related to children’s exposure to advertising.

Did you know?

  • This generation of children is the most brand-conscious ever. Teenagers today have 145 conversations about brands per week.
  • 44% of 4th through 8th graders report daydreaming “a lot” about being rich
  • Marketers deliberately encourage children to nag their parents for products. Nagging accounts for one in three trips to fast food restaurants.

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