Media Violence

Research demonstrates that viewing entertainment violence can lead to increases in aggressive attitudes, values, and behavior, particularly in children. Yet media fraught with violence - including television programs, movies, video games, and music - are routinely marketed to children.   

Viewing media violence feeds a perception that the world is a violent, mean place and can lead to emotional desensitization toward real life violence.  Children who view a lot of violent media are more likely to view violence as an effective way of settling conflicts.  Children exposed to violent programming at a young age have a higher tendency for violent and aggressive behavior later in life.

Did you know?

  • Children, on average, will witness on television 200,000 acts of violence, including 40,000 murders, by the time they are eighteen.
  • Nearly half of boys in grades 4 through 12 list a Mature-rated game as their favorite.
  • Violent toys, often tied to violent media, are commonly marketed to young children. Movies with ratings for older children are often marketed with toys rated for younger children. In 2007, 91% of the toys for the PG-13, blockbuster, Transformers, were rated suitable for children 5 and under.

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