Steering Committee

Enola AirdEnola Aird, JD
Enola G. Aird is an activist mother. She is the founder and director of Mothers for a Human Future, an initiative focused on fighting the forces promoting the commercialization of childhood and the commodification of children. A graduate of Barnard College and Yale Law School, she has worked for a variety of media corporations, including the National Association of Broadcasters and predecessor entities of Time Warner and Viacom, as well as the Children's Defense Fund.

Kathy Bowman, EdS
Kathy Bowman is a licensed family therapist with ten years of experience in working with families and schools on strategies to lessen family stress due to the detrimental effects of commercialism.  She is also active in her faith community in promoting this issue through workshops and advocacy.  She is the co-founder of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Quad Cities and a member of CCFC's Steering Committee.

Nancy Carlsson-PaigeNancy Carlsson-Paige, EDD
Nancy Carlsson-Paige is Professor Emerita at Lesley University where she taught teachers for more than 30 years and was a founder of the University’s Center for Peaceable Schools.  A strong advocate for public education, Nancy speaks and writes on a variety of education and parenting topics. Nancy has authored five books and numerous articles and op eds on media and technology, education reform, conflict resolution, and peaceable classrooms.  Her most recent book is called Taking Back Childhood: A Proven Roadmap for Raising Confident, Creative, Compassionate Kids.  Nancy has received many awards for her leadership and advocacy in early childhood and peace education.  She is an advocate for education policies and practices that promote social justice and the well being of all children.

Jan EmlenJan Emlen
In 1980 Jan Emlen founded the Bay School, an elementary school through grade eight, and served as founding director for many years. She is currently a consultant to schools and other nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to creating the best possible environments for children. She is a lifetime trustee of the Bay School.

Kevin Lee HepnerKevin Lee Hepner, CPA
Mr. Hepner is a certified public accountant and has worked in the non-profit sector since 1989. In January 2008 he assumed the position of President and CEO of United South End Settlements (USES).   Prior to his current role he served as Vice President at Judge Baker Children’s Center, a Harvard-affiliated organization which promotes mental healthcare for children. He also is an instructor at the Boston University Schools of Social Work and of Management, Board President of the South End Community Health Center, past Board Chair of The Center for Teen Empowerment, Founding Board member and President of the Massachusetts Bay Self Insurance Group, and is an organizational consultant to Project Muso, a program serving low income women in Mali, Africa.  He is a resident of the South End and is active in many other nonprofits in the Boston area.

Allen KannerAllen Kanner, PhD
Allen D. Kanner is a Berkeley child, family, couples, and adult psychologist and a co-founder of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. His work includes consulting with parents on how to counter the harmful effects of advertising on their children. Allen has co-edited two books, Psychology and Consumer Culture and Ecopsychology. In 1997, Utne Reader chose him as one of the nation's ten leading psychotherapist activists. Currently he is writing a column for Tikkun magazine on the corporatized society.

Tim KasserTim Kasser, PhD
Dr. Kasser is Professor and Chair of Psychology at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. He is author of The High Price of Materialism and co-editor of Psychology and Consumer Culture: The Struggle for a Good Life in a Materialistic World.


Joe KellyJoe Kelly
Joe Kelly is an author and educator on issues of fathers and other men in families. The author of nine books, including Dads & Daughters®: How to Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter, he co-founded the girl-edited, ad-free media company New Moon Girl Media ( and the national advocacy group Dads & Daughters. The father of adult daughters, he lives in Emeryville, CA and serves on CCFC's steering committee.

Velma LaPoint, PhD
Velma LaPoint, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies, School of Education, Howard University. Dr. LaPoint has conducted research and published on topics such as commercial influences on youth dress in public schools and weight management among freshman college females as well as other areas.   She teaches/or has taught undergraduate and graduate courses entitled Diverse Youth of Color; Youth Placed at Risk and Their Resilience; Expressive Therapies and Other Approaches in the Helping Professions; A Learning Community on Black Youth and Hip Hop; and Youth, Consumer Culture, and the Earth.  All courses cover partially or wholly the social problems relating to the commercialization of youth/adults/society and what actions can be taken to reduce and eliminate the social problem.  Dr.  LaPoint has a particular interest in how the commercialization of childhood occurs across ethnic, racial, gender, SES, and ability groups through her research, teaching, and service activities. She co-authored an entry on commercialism influences on children’s development in the Encyclopedia of Cross Cultural School Psychology (2010) and edited a special journal issue, Commercialism in the Lives of Children of Color:  Education and Other Socialization Contexts (JNE, 2003).

Diane LevinDiane Levin, PhD
Dr. Levin is professor of early childhood education at Wheelock College in Boston where she teaches courses on children’s play, media madness and how schools can promote healing in communities affected by war and conflict which includes a service-learning program in schools in Northern Ireland. She has written 8 books including: So Sexy So Soon (with Jean Kilbourne); Beyond Remote Control Childhood, Teaching Young Children in Violent Times; and, The War Play Dilemma (with Nancy Carlsson-Paige). She is a founder of CCFC, Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children's Entertainment (TRUCE: and Defending the Early Years (

Karen LewisKaren Lewis
Karen Lewis works for Tobacco Prevent Project of the National School Boards Association. Prior to her work at NSBA, she was the Program Director at the TV-Turnoff Network.


Alex MolnarAlex Molnar, PhD
Alex Molnar is the Director of Publications for the National Education Policy Center (NEPC) and a research professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. His work has examined curriculum and instruction topics, market-based education reforms, and policy formation. He directed the Center for Education Research, Analysis, and Innovation (CERAI) at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and for six years (1995-2001) was the principal investigator for the research evaluation of Wisconsin’s SAGE class size reduction program. From 2001-2011 he directed the Education Policy Studies Research Laboratory (EPSL) at Arizona State University.  Molnar is an internationally recognized expert on school commercialism; his annual reports on commercializing trends in schools have become standard reference works for experts in the field. His most recent books are Commercialism in education: From democratic ideal to market commodity (2005) and Think tank research quality: Lessons for policymakers, the media, and the public (with Kevin Welner, Pat Hinchey and Don Weitzman) (2010). Molnar has a B.A. in history, political science, and education; Masters degrees in history and in social welfare; a Specialist's Certificate in educational administration; and a Ph.D. in urban education.

Alvin PoussaintAlvin F. Poussaint, MD
Dr. Poussaint is professor of psychiatry and faculty associate dean of student affairs at Harvard Medical School; co-author with Amy Alexander of Lay My Burden Down: Suicide and the Mental Health Crisis Among African-Americans, Beacon Press, 2000; and co-author with Bill Cosby of Come On People: On the Path from Victims to Victors, Thomas Nelson, 2007. Dr. Poussaint is a seasoned media consultant and an outspoken advocate, addressing a wide range of issues from diversity and poverty to commercialism.

Michele SimonMichele Simon, JD, MPH
Michele Simon is a public health lawyer specializing in legal strategies to counter corporate tactics. For 4.5 years she served as research and policy director for Marin Institute (now Alcohol Justice), an alcohol industry watchdog group. Her groundbreaking 2007 report on alcoholic energy drinks led to a federal ban. Her first book, Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health and How to Fight Back, was published by Nation Books in 2006. Simon has a master’s degree in public health from Yale University and received her law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. She is president of Eat Drink Politics, a corporate watchdog consulting firm and blogs at Appetite for Profit.