2016 TOADY Awards

Each year, the Toy Industry Association gathers to present its TOTY (Toy Of The Year) Awards. In honor of the industry that has led the way in commercializing childhood, CCFC will present its TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young Children) Award for the Worst Toy of the Year.

From thousands of toys that stifle creativity, lionize brands, and promote screen-based entertainment at the expense of children’s play, CCFC and our partners have selected six exceptional finalists. Who will win the dreaded TOADY? It’s up to you.

>>Voting closed December 4th at midnight! Click here to see who won the dubious honor. 

View-Master Batman: The Animated Series Virtual Reality Pack by Mattel
$44.99 – Ages 7 – 15

Nominated by Families Managing Media

Immerse your child in the dark, violent world of Gotham City with this Batman View-Master Virtual Reality viewer. Parents will appreciate the respite from all that burdensome media monitoring. When your little one straps on the device, there’s no way to tell what websites, advertisements, and games they are accessing—not to mention motion sickness and ER trips when they run into walls, furniture, or fall down stairs. Insert your smart phone and forget about it—until they wake up with nightmares! You can be sure kids will want to see the PG-13 movie before they are old enough. A serious case for View-Master Batman | Vote 

Play-Doh Hulk and Iron Man by Hasbro
$12.99 – Ages 3+

Nominated by TRUCE

Looking to limit your child’s creativity this holiday season? Hasbro's got you covered! Play-Doh Smashdown Hulk and Iron Man sets transform good old-fashioned modeling clay into angry PG-13 rated superheroes – no imagination required. Just push small amounts of clay into tiny hand and foot molds, and the branded can-heads do the rest. Kids as young as 3 are encouraged to recreate scenes from the violent superhero films. How do they know the scripts?  We bet Marvel has figured out how toys like this create monster fans! A serious case for Hulk and Iron ManVote

Shopkins Tall Mall Playset by Moose Toys
$34.99 – Ages 5+

Nominated by the Story of Stuff

"Once you shop… You can’t stop!” – that’s the motto of Shokpins, little plastic collectibles for ages five and up that are all about that 1950's-era American Dream pastime: the shopping spree.  It's a terrific deal for kids and toy sellers both: once you buy one, you’ve got to shop, shop, shop til you collect ‘em all!  They won't simply add oodles of clutter to your living room... your kids will soon be after you to get the display case. And what a case... it's a replica of the temple of consumerism: The Shopping Mall!  Teach your kids that hanging out at the mall and spending money is what life is all about. A serious case for Shopkins Tall MallVote

Game of Life: Empire by Hasbro
$19.99 – Ages 8+

Nominated by Commercial Alert

Is your little philosopher struggling to understand the true meaning of life? Good news! The Game of Life Empire shows kids what it’s really all about: owning the world’s top brands, and collecting judgmental fans and followers along the way! Featuring dubious family favorites like Burger King, XBOX and PUMA, this game is sure to teach the things that matter most—good ole’ consumerism and corporate power. And wait, there’s more! The $19.99 price is a bargain compared to the priceless nagging you’ll face to buy the latest and greatest products from all six of your child’s new favorite brands. A serious case for Game of Life: EmpireVote

Pokemon GO by Niantic Labs
$0 down and 24/7 access to your location – Ages 9+

Nominated by EPIC 

At last, an app that gets kids outside under the watchful eye of marketers. Pokemon GO prepares kids for a future where games are so fun, players don't even realize they're being lured into sponsored locations. And if you're worried about your little one exploring the world on their own, fret not: with Pokemon GO's constant location tracking, you can rest assured that Niantic and its corporate partners can find them at any moment! And honestly, who even has time to think about privacy? With Pokemon GO, your kids have more important concerns, like how many more McDonald's locations they need to visit to catch that elusive MewTwo. A serious case for Pokemon GOVote

Lulu's 11-Piece Makeup Set by Pink Fizz
$14.99 – ages 3 – 20

Nominated by New Moon Girls  

With a recommended age of 3 – 20, the Pink Fizz 11-Piece Makeup Set makeup set is the ultimate in age compression. The perfect gift for your daughter, niece, or little sister, each set contains lipstick, eye shadow, a fashion nail file, glitz nail polish, and a sexy mannequin mascot on the packaging to egg her on. But that’s not all! They also come with harmful glycols and parabens, and the box even warns in big block letters that these products might irritate skin, make kids sick, or even catch on fire. Small prices to pay for perfecting your preschooler’s pouty poses and teaching her the important truth: beauty is pain. A serious case for Lulu's Makeup SetVote