Keep digital billboards away from Michigan schools

Michigan Senate Bill 953 would allow public school zoning to be included in "unzoned commercial or industrial areas." This would allow digital billboards like the one pictured here to go up on public school property, subjecting vulnerable children to bright commercial advertising.  The bill has passed and is on the way to Governor Snyder’s desk for consideration. Sign our petition to protect children from this bad idea.

Marketing does not belong on school grounds, where kids can’t turn it off and where products and services advertised appear to have the endorsement of the school or faculty. These billboards would also pose a great danger to the safety of children and their families—distracting all passing drivers, including inexperienced teen students. Drivers and pedestrians would pay the price.

We’re partnering with Scenic Michigan on this petition drive. In addition to concerns for the welfare of students, they note the impacts on adjacent neighborhoods and the environment. The bright light emitted by digital billboards can be viewed for miles and becomes the dominant feature in the landscape. And the bill allows for the cutting of trees and vegetation within 500 feet of the road and on the median to increase the visibility of billboards. The Michigan Municipal League, Michigan Association of Planning and the Michigan Department of Transportation also oppose this bill.

Please sign the petition today, and tell Governor Snyder: NO to billboards on Michigan school grounds!