Nagging Nine: 2011 Toys Most Advertised to Children

Tired of companies that make an end run around parents and target children directly?  Then put your money where your values are this holiday season!  Let's stop rewarding companies that target children. 

Methodology: CCFC reviewed all commercials airing between 6AM and 8PM from November 21-27, 2011 on 5 children's networks (Nickelodeon, NickToons, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, and the Hub).  There were more than 11,500 total advertisements, of which, 9,000 were for toys and games.  The toys listed in the table above were the most advertised.
Why This Matters: We all know that commercialism is toxic for children— and it always gets worse around this time of year. Marketers have transformed the holiday season into a materialistic feeding frenzy, teaching kids that its all about demanding—and getting—“must-have” toys.”   Thoughtful consumers already include issues like environmental impact, labor practices and where a product is made in their buying decisions. But most of us don’t think about how, and to whom, the toys are marketed. So if you’re shopping for a child you love this holiday season, please consult CCFC’s Nagging Nine before you hit the checkout line.