Protect Massachusetts kids' online privacy

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering an important bill to protect children from unfair digital marketing, and you can help. 

In January, the Trump administration rolled back common sense federal regulations protecting the privacy of children and families using the internet. Thankfully, lawmakers in Massachusetts are poised to put protections back in place in our state law. S.2062, presented by Senator Cynthia Creem, will prevent Internet Service Providers from collecting, sharing, and selling their customers’ sensitive personal data, including browsing and search history, without permission. 

Internet service providers should not be permitted to use, or to let anyone else use, children’s web browsing and app usage data for marketing purposes. Kids are already vulnerable to advertising because they lack the cognitive capacity to identify and understand it. Giving corporations access to this kind of data allows them to further take advantage of kids and families.

Tell our lawmakers that corporations should not have free reign to sell children’s browsing data.