Send the FCC's BusRadio Report to Your School Board


In a report requested by CCFC and delivered to Congress this week, the Federal Communications Commission strongly criticized BusRadio, the company that hopes to make its student-targeted radio broadcasts compulsory listening for children around the country.   The report should be required reading for any school district considering a contract with BusRadio.  Please take a moment to send a copy to your local school board.


  1. Find the contact information for your board of education (almost always available on the district website).
  2. Send your school board a short letter with a link to the report (  Feel free to use the sample letter below.
  3. Please let us know at ccfc<at> if you get a response.




Sample letter


Dear School Board members,


I am writing to urge you not to contract with BusRadio, the company that hopes to make its commercialized radio broadcasts compulsory listening for students who ride school buses.


The Federal Communications Commission has just released a report that raises a number of concerns about BusRadio:  I hope you will take the time to read the report and pay particular attention to concerns about the company’s marketing practices.


I do not want my child to be forced to listen to student-targeted advertising on the way to and from school.  I hope that you will read this important report and refuse to make students in our district a captive audience if you are approached by BusRadio.