Tell Disney: Stop Branding Newborns in Hospitals

Disney is taking cradle-to-grave marketing to a new low, branding babies literally at birth.

The company has hired Our365–a newborn photography service/marketing firm–to promote its new Disney Baby line in maternity hospitals around the country. Moms who request a newborn portrait during their hospital stay are pitched Disney Baby by their photographer, given a branded onesie, and encouraged to sign up for email alerts from 

Tell Disney:  Leave Newborns -- and their moms -- alone.

Is nothing off-limits for Disney’s marketing machine?  It is bad enough that media companies routinely brand baby paraphernalia to secure a lifetime of lucrative loyalty, but it is reprehensible for marketers to inject themselves into the relationship between a mother and her baby at birth.

Disney isn’t the only one responsible.  Our365, a company that pays hospitals for the exclusive right to sell baby pictures in maternity wards, has sold its unique access to Disney.  The hospitals accepting payment are selling out vulnerable patients.  CCFC will be working hard to convince hospitals to reconsider their participation in this exploitive marketing scheme--and to hold accountable those hospitals choosing a quick buck over the wellbeing of new moms and babies.  (If you hear of a hospital that is allowing Disney’s marketers in its maternity ward, please let us know).

But the first step is to tell Disney what we think of their newborn baby branding . . . and urge friends and family to do the same.