Tell Rahm Emanuel: No Coke Ads on Residential Recycling Bins

Image: City of Chicago recycling webpage

If we don’t act now, the steady erosion of ad-free personal space and the escalation of unavoidable marketing will get a lot worse.
This week, the City of Chicago announced that Coca-Cola will donate 50,000 blue bins for household recycling. Sounds generous, but it’s really a cleverly disguised purchase of advertising space. In exchange, the bin lids will feature images of Coca-Cola products.  
It’s great that Chicago is expanding its recycling services, but residents should be able to participate without having Coke ads forced on them. And no city should enlist its residents to become advertisers without their consent. Real generosity doesn't come with a quid pro quo. Please take a moment to tell Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel that recycling bins should be commercial-free.  

It’s bad enough that “donated” recycling bins featuring ads from companies like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle already litter municipalities, parks, and even schools. Shouldn’t Chicago’s families be able to take out their trash without Coke ads staring them in the face? It’s an unprecedented commercial encroachment on private homes—and a dangerous precedent. That’s why, even if you don’t live in Chicago, we need you to speak out. With your help, we can stop this terrible idea in its tracks.
The problems with this deal run much deeper than children’s health issues caused by soda. We have the right to keep our personal spaces free from the unavoidable advertising that now permeates nearly every aspect of public life. If we don’t say no to corporate marketing in our own backyards, when will we say no?
Tell Mayor Emanuel: No Coke ads on residential recycling bins.