CCFC members help put the kibosh on school billboards


David Monahan, CCFC Campaign Manager

Good news! On January 5, 2017, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder vetoed a bill which would have allowed digital billboards to go up on public school property, subjecting vulnerable children to bright commercial advertising. We applaud Governor Snyder for putting the welfare of children first! 

How We Win


Josh Golin

I’m so excited about the real progress we’re making shielding children from invasive advertising. Our ongoing campaign to keep ads off of school buses is just one example. 

One down, one to go!

Just five days after being cited in CCFC’s complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, Open Solutions stopped making educational claims about its apps for babies. The company eliminated all claims that their apps teach babies language, math, logic, and reading skills from their product promotions. As a result of Open Solutions' changes to their marketing, we’ve withdrawn our FTC complaint against them.

Victory! McDonald's Removes Networking Features in Online Games for Kids

After the Center for Digital Democracy, CCFC, and other advocacy groups filed complaints with the FTC, McDonald's has stopped collecting children's email addresses for viral marketing on The company had been encouraging children to upload photos and videos and then "forward-to-a-friend" by entering friends' email addresses without parental consent. Our FTC complaint charged that this practice was in clear violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).


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