CCFC Files Testimony to Support Ban on Junk Food Ads in Rhode Island Schools


David Monahan

The State of Rhode Island House Health Education and Welfare Committee is considering a bill which would prohibit any advertising in schools for food or beverages which do not meet minimum USDA nutrition standards. While CCFC believes schools should be free of all advertising, the bill is an important step towards protecting Rhode Island students from junk food marketing. Below is the testimony which CCFC and Corporate Accountability International have filed in support of this bill.

Doreen's Challenge


Doreen Miller

My name is Doreen Miller and I’m a parent and an early childhood educator.

I am passionate about helping teachers and families create safe, nurturing environments so that young children can develop to their full potential. Children thrive when they have time and space to play, to create, to daydream, and to be nurtured by adults who understand their needs.

Hello from CCFC's new Screen Time Project Manager


Sara Adelmann

I have only been working at CCFC for a few weeks, but I can already see that the major guiding principle behind CCFS's work aligns with a deep-rooted belief of mine—that children deserve a childhood free of roadblocks to their healthy development. Prior to coming to CCFC, I was an early childhood educator and professional development provider.

CCFC's New Program Coordinator Says Hi


Abigail Dunn

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a tendency to rant about injustice. We live in a culture whose materialism is complicit in the world’s crippling poverty, the decimation and depletion of our earth’s natural resources and beauty, and the over-stimulation, hyper-sexualization, and desensitization of our children. And that’s enough to get me pretty fired up.

A Farwell Note from CCFC’s Outgoing Program Coordinator


Shara Drew

I started interning at Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood the day before BusRadio shut down. The company, which promised to bring targeted advertising to a whole new level by marketing to children on school buses, was no match for CCFC. The little advocacy group and its tens of thousands of supporters axed the outrageous commercial encroachment on kids’ schooldays. I learned from the very beginning of my time with CCFC what a powerful force for children the organization is.


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