Don’t Sell Out NJ Kids with School Bus Ads. Especially Not For Pennies.


David Monahan and Anna Sandler

If someone offered you a dollar a year to advertise to your child, potentially putting their safety in jeopardy, would you do it? Of course not. Yet that’s what many New Jersey school districts are doing by placing ads on the exterior of their school buses.

Ontario school district says “No thanks, TD Bank!”


David Monahan

The York Region District School Board in Ontario, Canada recently turned down a supply of a children’s book provided by TD Bank, because each copy featured prominent bank branding in violation of district policies and procedures which prohibit corporate advertising in school materials. We applaud the Board for enforcing the policy and protecting children from corporate advertising!

McDonald's CEO Can Duck My Question but Can't Ignore our Movement to Protect Kids


Charlie Feick

Yesterday, as part of an action organized by Corporate Accountability Interational, I had the opportunity to attend McDonald’s 2015 Annual Shareholders Meeting and ask new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, if he is ready to commit to ending his company’s predatory marketing to kids. As a teacher, it is particularly concerning to me that McDonald’s uses schools as its own personal ad space. I know the importance of keeping marketing out of schools, especially when the brand promoted is fueling today’s health epidemic.

A Hunch Isn't Science: Still no Evidence that Touch Screens are Good for Babies


Susan Linn

Dimitri Christakis, co-author of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations to discourage screen time for children under two, has changed his position. He did so, despite the acknowledged lack of supporting research, based on what he frankly identifies as a "hunch" associated with development of the iPad.

Josh Golin's Testimony to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Education


Josh Golin

On June 27, CCFC's Josh Golin testified in front of the Massachusetts Joint Committee of Education about inBloom and other threats to students' privacy. For more information about how to stop inBloom in Massachusetts, please visit

An Interview with Susan Linn


The Association of Library Services for Children

The ALSC Intellectual Freedom Committee recently asked her a few questions about her background and how she got involved in her chosen field.

  1. You are the co-founder and director of the coalition Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. What led you to enter this field of study and advocacy and why do you think it is important?

    Susan Linn

Open Letter: McDonald's ad has no place in a kindergarten workbook


CCFC Member Heather DuBois Bourenane

My kids go to a great school, and they have great teachers. I want to say that first.  I don't doubt the vigilance or intelligence of their teachers, or whether they're being educated to a high standard.  I know they are.  But sometimes things slip through the cracks, and when they do, I feel obligated to speak out.


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