2009 TOADY Award - How You Voted

On February 12, 2009 CCFC presented its 2009 TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young children) Award to the Barbie Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Doll for worst toy of the year.  With 40% of the vote, Barbie sailed to victory over the Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade (21%), the Smart Cycle by Fisher Price (19%),  Baby Alive Goes Potty (10%) and The Lego Batman Video Game (10%).  While Barbie may have taken the day, each of the five exceptional finalists had its passionate supporters .  CCFC members explain who they voted for and why below:

A "Wordle" of CCFC member votes for Barbie

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CCFC Members Explain Their Votes

"There's enough overt and covert messages out there selling sexual images to young girls...I’m wondering if the plastic surgery industry is underwriting this product and wouldn’t be surprised to find a media tie-in offering free consultations...I try to teach my daughter to love her body and this toy destroys my progress...Gross representation of the ideal American woman - skinny, buxom and silent...Sends a devastating message to girls...Exacerbates the already serious problem of poor body image in young girls and objectification of women by all..."




"A bad car forming bad habits that will turn into a horrible waste later...This product contributes to a life of consumerism and product identification, helping to sow the seeds for a lifetime...Perfect for training kids to be materialistic...The size, cost and sheer ostentatiousness of this toy is emblematic of the wastefulness and utter disregard for environmental concerns of our consumer culture...Purchasing a toy like this hardly models the concepts of minimizing our impact on the environment and making wise, economical purchasing decisions..."



"The minute I saw ads for this toys I knew that society was doomed...Aims to replace the real world with another mediated experience in front of the television...The Smart Cycle is an imagination killer...The best example imaginable of how utterly divorced we have become from our instincts about children...Negatively affects the potential for kids to develop positive, healthy habits on their own--with the only benefactor being television advertisers and game manufacturers...Toys like this only serve to cement our children's addiction to television screens...Fisher Price is taking away some of the simplest and purest pleasures of childhood and calling it smart. Sounds dumb to me!"


"It boggles the mind how one can take a wonderful, open-ended toy like Lego blocks and turn it into a one-dimensional, imagination-inhibiting, worthless time-waster...literally takes it "out of the hands" of kids....Lego has clearly sold out...the nominee most thoroughly suffused with commercialism...certainly not appropriate for a child of 4 or 5...don’t get me started on the McDonald’s tie-in...a formerly creative toy, branded with a violent character and made into a closed-ended video game with a McDonald's endorsement...a perfect trifecta of toy terrorism..."




"No imagination required...Even my 7 year old daughter thinks this doll is "creepy"...Nothing you can learn from that baby that is even remotely similar to a real baby...What a waste of a child's imagination...Hasbro has strayed down the path toward tasteless before, but this time, they ran FULL TILT into disgusting...Super-gross, plus the diapers aren't reusable...I was aghast that a child/parent would have to purchase diapers and food for the doll."




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