2010 TOADY Award - How You Voted

On May 12, 2010 CCFC presented its 2010 TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young children) Award to Nickelodeon's AddictingGames.com as the worst toy of the year.  Inspired by Nickelodeon’s blatant disregard for children’s well-being, voters overwhelmingly chose AddictingGames.com as the 2010 winner of the TOADY Award.   With an astounding 64% of the vote, AddictingGames.com easily outpaced its TOADY rivals:  The Little Tykes Young Explorer (18%), the BARBIE DOLL'D UP NAILS Digital Nail Printer (8%), the EyeClops Mini Projector (5%) and the Halo United Nations Space Command Turret (5%). While AddictingGames.com may have taken the day, each of the five exceptional finalists had its passionate supporters.  CCFC members explain which they voted for and why below:

A "Wordle" of CCFC member votes for the 2010 TOADY Awards


CCFC Members Explain Their Votes

Price: Free!
Recommended Age: None, but marketed to preschoolers

"AddictingGames.com is free and easily accessible to any kid with a computer...Marketing peep show porn and extreme violence to children should not pass as "normal." Doubly offensive is that they put links to the site on Neopets and other sites supposedly appropriate for young children...My daughter loves playing Dora and Diego games on Nickelodeon and I am absolutely astonished there would be a link from that site to such heinous "games"...It shows a lack of caring for children, who are [Nickelodeon's] main audience...A parent might think that their child is in good hands playing around on a Nick site, but that is not the case...Promoting animal abuse, mayhem with firearms, and serial killing to preschoolers is nothing short of unconscionable...It is stuff like this that makes me deeply concerned for our future."


BARBIE® DOLL'D UP NAILS™ Digital Nail Printer
Retails for: $279.99
Recommended Age: 8+

"Our culture screams at us to push our daughters into the preteen stage as soon as possible. It is yet another product that helps even toddlers focus on their appearance...It helps take the "little" out of our girls...Taps into the idea that even young children should pursue all things sensual...Such a huge waste of money...This is the most worthless thing that could be given to a young girl! In this day and age when so much is at stake, the last thing that should be pondered by youngsters is what other ways they can think of to decorate their nails."


Little Tikes Young Explorer
Retails for: $2,599
Recommended Age: 3 - 7 years

"The Little Tikes cubicle represents a very slippery slope in our culture: the overtaking of kids' social and emotional lives by creeping of technology into their lives too soon....It reminded me of my cube environment at work-why anyone would willingly subject their child to this kind of toy?...Parents need examples of how to help their children's social skills, not further isolate them...The fact that this was marketed as a "unique feature" to help child care centers stand out was also reprehensible...I am an early childhood educator, and the thought that preschoolers would be engaged in this activity rather than playing, creating, interacting with their peers, and exploring on their own is distressing!...The picture of the little boy playing with it totally disturbed me. I imagined him overweight on the couch ten years later with few verbal skills and a limited imagination."


HALO United Nations Space Command Turret
Retails for: $10.49
Recommended Age: 8+

"The marketing of adult media to children via tie-ins is pervasive and impossible to screen out...From fast-food kid's meals to toys like these, ever-younger children are pushed towards adult media...It also gets kids very desensitized to fighting, military, and combat because of the shooting play involved with this toy...Not only is HALO a horrible game, but marketing to children FAR too young for the game and making the toy reasonably inexpensive...you are going for the most vulnerable."


EyeClops Mini Projector
Retails for: $63.99
Recommended Age: 8+

"I find it so extremely offensive that not only do our children get exposed to inappropriate 'toys' while they are indoors, but the projector 1) goes outdoors, where children should be free, and 2) it completely distracts from the natural environment, which I feel will contribute to the desiccation of the natural world by creating an even greater distance between humans and our planet...Setting up a projector outside where children should be playing and discovering is one of the worst crimes against child development I have seen...When the great outdoors becomes just another backdrop for movie night, we've got a real TOADY on our hands."


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