Background television at home may be harming U.S. kids' development

A new study finds that children on average are exposed to 4 hours of background TV each day. Babies and toddlers are exposed to even more -- 5.5 hours a day. Research shows that background TV interferes with children's development of skills like problems solving and communication that are gained through play. Here's more on this important study from CBS News.


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Background TV and ADHD

That same study found that a subset of poor young children are being exposed to close to 6 hours of background TV, what is the effect on their brain development?

Well now we have a pretty good idea. Researchers randomly divided up a group of young mice, half were exposed to 6 hours of TV per day during their whole childhood, and half were not. Afterward, the mice were tested. The control mice were normal, while the TV exposed mice were hyperactive, impulsive and had trouble learning. In other words, the background TV caused many of the symptoms of ADHD.

Here's the study:

And here's my write up of the study:

This is a hugely important study.