CCFC's New Program Coordinator Says Hi


Abigail Dunn

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a tendency to rant about injustice. We live in a culture whose materialism is complicit in the world’s crippling poverty, the decimation and depletion of our earth’s natural resources and beauty, and the over-stimulation, hyper-sexualization, and desensitization of our children. And that’s enough to get me pretty fired up.

But working at CCFC this summer, I’ve discovered an amazing community of people who are committed to change all that. It’s been a joy to work with Dr. Susan Linn and Josh Golin, CCFC’s Director and Associate Director, who are both thoughtful and passionate. I also attended the Media Madness Institute, taught in part by CCFC co-founder, Dr. Diane Levin. Reading the angry, critical, articulate comments from CCFC members in support of our actions was another source of inspiration. I grinned as parents on Facebook fiercely defended their child’s non-gender-conforming clothing choices and outraged healthcare professionals called-out the blatant exploitation of the Tooth Fairy on our Save the Tooth Fairy petition.

It’s true that my rants still come, but it is thrilling to feel less alone. Our children’s childhoods are worth saving and—above all—are savable. Thank you for all that you do. I couldn’t be happier to be joining CCFC’s team.

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