Channel One Peddles Prescription Drugs to Children

Advocates for children are demanding that Alloy Media and Marketing immediately remove ads for prescription drugs from its Channel One website. Channel One, the controversial in-school news program that makes viewing ads a compulsory part of the school day for grades six through twelve, was purchased by Alloy in 2007. As part of its user agreement with schools, Channel One has pledged not to market prescription drugs to its young audience. Yet ads for the prescription acne medications Differin and BenzaClin have been running on the Channel One website for at least the past week. Press Release>

The Terms & Conditions of the Channel One school agreement states that prescription drugs will not be marketed on Channel One.

You can read the full Terms and Conditions here:

Recently, Channel One has begun running advertisements for at least two prescription drugs.

This is an ad for the prescription acne medication Differin.

This is an ad for the prescription acne medication BenzaClin.


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