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Life Notes: Too Much, Too Soon for Kids – Susan Linn and Diane Levin discuss commercialism, sexualization and bullying--and why it's important to fight for change--in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Obama Ducks Food Fight Over Children’s Ads – CCFC's Josh Golin tells SmartMoney that we need a way to enforce the new FTC food marketing standards if we hope for success.

Marketing Food to Children – In this letter to the editor in response to the New York Times article on food marketing to kids, Corporate Accountability International’s director says Susan Linn has it right, and it’s time we demand the end of fast food marketing to kids.

The Sad State of American Kids' Food Environments – This Timepost describes the “toxic food environment” in which kids grow up. The author presents some ways to begin addressing the problem, including removing TVs from kids’ bedrooms to limit junk food ad exposure.

Kids Have Easy Access to Explicit Music But Have a Harder Time Getting Violent Video Games
 – An FTC sting finds that while 13% of kids can buy an M-rated video game, 64% can buy music with a parental advisory.

Kids' 'Screen Time' Linked to Early Markers for Cardiovascular Disease – Here is a summary of the new study: “Six-year-olds who spent the most time watching television, using a computer or playing video games had narrower arteries in the back of their eyes — a marker of future cardiovascular risk, in a first-of-its-kind study reported inArteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology: Journal of the American Heart Association.”

Media Multitasking? It’s More Like Multi-Distracting – Study finds multi-screen users are driven to distraction…and they have no idea.


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