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Taking a Bite out of Fast Food – Officials and health experts in Thailand turn to CCFC Steering Committee member Michele Simon’s book Appetite for Profit for guidance in confronting the country’s rising levels of childhood obesity.; Michele Simon blogs about it here:

It’s Great to be Ken Toy Story 3 is helping to rehabilitate the popularity (and sales potential) of the Ken doll, which Mattel plans to capitalize on further with a marketing blitz next year as the doll turns 50.

Online Ad Industry Assesses Latest Call for 'Do Not Track' List – As behavioral marketing becomes standard practice, the ad industry says a federally mandated ‘do not track’ registry akin to the ‘do not call’ registry would have a “devastating effect” for online marketers, who depend on surreptitiously tracking people’s online activities for advertising purposes.  (Editorial note: the noise the industry is making about the proposed ‘do not track’ registry is clearly intended to ward of any actual regulation of behavioral marketing practices.)

10 Cool Tech Toys for Kids – More like “10 Toys That Take Away from Children’s Creative Play”:

Geolocation Grows Despite Privacy Concerns – 2 in 5 mobile owners use location-based services like Foursquare, which marketers use to draw consumers into stores, despite rising privacy concerns that loom around such practices.

Is Your Detergent Stalking You? – Brazil: Unilever implants a GPS tracking devise into its Omo detergent (which accounts for 50% of Brazil’s detergent sales) as part of its new “win-a-Unilever-sponsored-day-playing-outside” ad campaign, allowing its promotions agency to track and follow shoppers home.  "We believe in using new technology for promotional marketing," said an executive.

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