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New from Skechers Entertainment - Skechers Entertainment, a division of footwear company Skechers USA, launches worldwide licensing campaign fueled by its kids show Zevo-3 (target of a CCFC FCC complaint) and upcoming direct-to-DVD animated movie Twinkle Toes (, based on Skechers girl-targeted footwear line.

Cartoon Website Targets Kids and Network Execs – Toon Googles is a new cartoon website aimed at young children that “collects data surrounding viewer demographics, time spent watching and star ratings and shares this information for free with subscribers.”

NASDPTS Cites Safety, Legal Concerns in Opposing School Bus Ads – The National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services renews its opposition to school bus advertising by issuing updated position statement. Visit CCFC’s School Bus Ad Action Center here:

Online Self-regulation May Not Satisfy Obama Administration – Senator Kerry, Senator McCain and President Obama are pushing for regulation to protect online privacy, despite advertisers’ attempts to dodge legislation with self-regulation.

Parents Face Challenges in Keeping Kids from Violent Video Games– This article explains why parents struggle to protect their children from the harmful effects of violent video games.

A Glossy Take on Disney – Disney will introduce new glossy magazines for kids based on Phineas and FerbCars and other properties because, according to a Disney, “kids want them and moms will pay for them.” Ads will first be limited to Disney franchises, but the magazines will feature outside advertising eventually.

Meet the Doll That Teaches Your Daughter to Pluck and Shave – The Monster High doll Clawdeen, which has been criticized in recent weeks for being a prime example of “how marketing is further eroding female self-esteem before girls even hit puberty,” is the most popular fashion doll on Toys 'R' Us shelves, according to a corporate spokesperson, and also harmful to girls, according to parents, advocates and psychologists.

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