Consuming Kids: Market Values, Human Values, and the Lives of Children




CCFC's 7th Summit

Consuming Kids:
Market Values, Human Values, and the Lives of Children

Wheelock College, Boston

April 8-10, 2010


On April 8-10, participants from around the world gathered at Wheelock College for a weekend of education and advocacy, and a celebration of community and CCFC’s determination to reclaim childhood from corporate marketers. Visit our YouTube Channel to watch videos of the keynote presentations from the summit!


Thursday, April 8: An Evening with Annie “The Story of Stuff” Leonard

The summit kicked off with CCFC’s presentation of the Fred Rogers Integrity Award to Annie Leonard, creator and host of the Internet film sensation, The Story of Stuff. Annie was honored for inspiring millions of young people to explore the links between consumerism and environmental degradation.


Annie Leonard Accepts Fred Rogers Integrity Award

Annie Leonard, Creator of The Story of Stuff, receives the 2010 Fred Rogers Integrity Award


After receiving the award (and expressing delight over its cuteness), Annie showed her acclaimed short film, The Story of Stuff. She then gave a passionate presentation about commercialism, cultural values, and environmental crisis. The good news? The very actions that are needed to change environmental policy – activism, community building and getting off the couch! – are the same things social scientists have found to promote wellbeing and happiness.


Friday and Saturday, April 9 & 10: Presentations and Breakout Sessions

Friday featured presentations and breakout sessions on a number of topics, including the role of marketing in childhood obesity; the impact of commercial culture on children in Sweden (where advertising to children under 12-years-old is banned); and the effects of materialistic values on children’s happiness and well-being. Friday also included the presentation of the Commercial-Free World of Children Award to Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint.


CCFC Steering Committe Members and summit attendees watch Pete Seeger's tribute to Alvin F. Poussaint

Alvin F. Poussaint receives the World of Commercial-Free Children Award

Saturday’s highlights included breakout sessions on living mindfully to challenge consumerism; confronting the problems of marketing to diverse youth; challenging the corporate myth a free speech right to marketing to kids; and a hilarious keynote presentation by Lenore Skenazy about raising “free range kids” in a commercial culture.


  Lenore Skenazy
Lenore Skenazy holds up the Especially for Baby Color Change Ducky, a product which displays HOT! if baby's bath water is too warm (because parents have no other way to tell?), during her keynote "Free Range Kids: Why Does an Old-Fashioned Childhood Sound So Radical?"


The Reviews Are In: CCFC's 7th Consuming Kids Summit a Smash Hit!

Here's what summit attendees had to say about their experience:

"This Summit was a life changing experience!  Before it, I knew that our children are being inundated on a daily basis by disempowering, detrimental images -- which is why my passion lies in transforming our media system into one that can be nurturing and empowering.  However, the critical piece, as I discovered through attending the Summit, is community.   Change is impossible without it.  And CCFC has brought together an incredible group of educators, activists, scholars, parents and concerned citizens who are constantly working towards a commercial-free world for kids.  Through this passionate, intelligent (and funny!) group, my own commitment to this cause has grown even more and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together.” Rachell Arteaga, soon-to-be grad student, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Mindy Holohan shares press coverage of her local CCFC-inspired group in the breakout session "What Now? Harnessing the Summit Spirit to Activate in Your Community and Beyond"
Brazilian advocates for a commercial-free childhood, Estela Rener (left), director of the film Target Market Kids, and Tamara Goncalves (right) of Brazil's Instituto Alana, with CCFC's Susan Linn

“Thank you again for a most amazing weekend filled with laughter joy and insights…I am still wowed by everything I learned this past weekend at my very first CCFC Conference…I cannot and do not want to imagine a future where I would need to raise my children without the help of CCFC…By supporting CCFC I want to do my part to ensure that I will always have a resource upon which I can turn.” Julie Meyers, Lawrenceville, NJ

"After this conference, I felt inspired and ready for action. There were so many great ideas for how to make a difference and I couldn't take notes fast enough." Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, New York, NY

"This is really my favorite conference of all the ones I attend. Every single speaker I heard was excellent. I like the summit because it is small and filled with impressive people--both presenters and attendees--whom I can 'hang out with' throughout the conference." Blakely Bundy, Executive Director, The Winnetka Alliance for Early Childhood

And here’s what others said on their anonymous summit evaluations:

“Truly excellent—all around.”

“I always learn new things and I come away invigorated and armed to carry the message.”

“This summit was fantastic. I feel inspired and motivated.”

“I was blown away by the presenters and their knowledge.”

“This is my first summit, and it was really wonderful! I am not one to like to sit still for too long, but I never felt antsy. It was tremendously engaging!”

“The keynote speakers addressed the issues and concerns of CCFC from many different angles, which makes for excellent reflection and reinforces the urgency of those issues.”

“The group and its leaders are an inspiration and a source of fuel for my teacher’s soul. It helps me keep my eyes open to address the issues in my little corner of the world.”




CCFC's Susan Linn and Audrey Duck

Josh Golin, CCFC

Michele Simon, The Marin Institute

Alvin F. Poussaint, Harvard Medical School

Tim Kasser, Knox College

(Left to right) Mary Rothschild, Healthy Media Choices; Adnan Onart, Boston University; Martha Bettis Gee, Presbyterian Church (USA); and Enola Aird, Mothers for a Human Future

Diane Levin, Wheelock College

Velma LaPoint, Howard University

Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Lesley University


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