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Doreen Miller

My name is Doreen Miller and I’m a parent and an early childhood educator.

I am passionate about helping teachers and families create safe, nurturing environments so that young children can develop to their full potential. Children thrive when they have time and space to play, to create, to daydream, and to be nurtured by adults who understand their needs.

I am particularly concerned that the explosion of digital devices makes it so much harder for parents to protect their kids from harmful marketing and can undermine their instincts to set limits on screen-time. As Susan Linn recently said on public radio, “No parents in history have ever had to cope with the unprecedented convergence of a ubiquitous, sophisticated, alluring, habit-forming screen technology and unfettered, unregulated advertising.” Families today face a deluge of misinformation designed to sell toys and gadgets by devaluing the creative, self-directed play so important for children’s learning and development.

Susan, Josh Golin, and the rest of CCFC’s staff are effective and incorruptible advocates for families whose children are bombarded by increasingly intrusive marketing. I share their strong commitment to preventing corporate marketers from sabotaging parents’ best efforts. That’s why I support CCFC, and why I recently joined its Board of Directors.

No other organization accomplishes so much with so little. On so many fronts, CCFC is leading efforts to give children the childhood they deserve. CCFC works to keep marketers out of schools, prevent the sexualization of young girls, and stop the media and technology industries’ exploitation of children.

I’m especially proud that CCFC turned down $290,000 — 80% of this year’s budget — from the settlement of a lawsuit against Facebook because it actually harmed kids under the guise of protecting their privacy. In addition to refusing the money, CCFC publicly opposed the settlement — an unprecedented stance that generated international coverage of the settlement’s inadequacies and Facebook’s terrible privacy policies.

An organization that consistently and unflinchingly puts children first deserves our support. I believe so strongly in CCFC that I am offering you a challenge. If you help CCFC raise $30,000 by June 30, the close of its fiscal year, I will match it.

CCFC helps parents and children by standing up to corporations like Facebook, Mattel, and Disney who are making families lives so much harder. I hope you’ll join me in ensuring that CCFC continues its important work.

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Protect our future

I am a preschool Director working in the Early childhood field for over 25 years and have found that children who are exposed to excessive screen time tend to be more aggressive and less social than those that whose major interaction is with other humans, siblings or parents. It is a mistake to have infants and toddlers exposed to this type of stimulation which does nothing for their development and harms them instead. Please stop! This is unacceptable. We need to get back to basics, expose them to the beautiful things in nature and around us... talk and interact more. We are creating a society of non reactive personalities and blocking spontaneity and creativity! Children are entranced by the movement of the screen and nothing more. It is a great babysitter in that it hypnotizes the child but is that the sort of person we want to develop... a "give me, give me", instead of a "look what I can do!"
Please end this harmful partnership with BabyFirst who is really MoneyFirst!