End food marketing in CT, NH, and RI schools


David Monahan

Residents of Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island: we need your help! Can you visit your local school and let CCFC know about any food marketing on display?

The food and beverage industry continues to target kids in school in an effort to cultivate the next generation of consumers. But schools should be safe zones, where kids can get a breather from the onslaught of food marketing and parents don’t have to worry that their children’s health is being undermined. 

Last year, CCFC worked with the American Heart Association and Voices for Healthy Kids to advocate for legislation in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island which would have restricted the marketing of foods in schools. The bills did not make it through the legislative process, but proponents in all three states are gearing up to get them passed this year.  

A major barrier for advocates working to reduce food marketing in schools is that policymakers and lawmakers are unfamiliar with the issue. To get laws passed, we need to show them examples to illustrate the problem. 

You can be a huge help to us by putting on your investigator hat and paying a visit to your school! Any examples are helpful, from elementary, middle, or high schools. This handout explains how to locate, document, and share school-based food marketing.

And please forward this information to a friend who you think might be willing to join this effort. Maybe you even know someone who works at the school!

Thanks for helping us with this important initiative!



Food marketing

Healthy children become healthy adults. Stop selling junk to our children!

Food Marketing

Children should not be confronted with food marketing. They should not have to be bothered with any marketing.