It’s time to hold Facebook accountable

In January, it was revealed that Facebook knowingly defrauded children and their families out of millions of dollars by intentionally misleading children into making in-app purchases. The company referred to children who unintentionally spent thousands of dollars as “whales,” a casino industry term for high-rollers, and refused to refund unauthorized purchases. Not only did the company not refund these unauthorized charges, they encouraged them.

As we wrote at the time, these policies and attitudes toward kids show that Facebook is unfit to make products for children. Now, we’re joining our allies at Common Sense Media, Center for Digital Democracy, and 14 other organizations, asking the FTC to investigate these clearly fraudulent and deceptive practices. Facebook has proven again and again that it will stop at nothing to increase profits, even at the expense of children.

Read our press release here, and the full text of our FTC complaint here.