Media Coverage of CCFC's FTC Complaints Sparks Essential Conversation about the Predatory "Genius Baby" Industry

On August 7th, CCFC filed Federal Trade Commission complaints against Fisher-Price and Open Solutions for the false and deceptive marketing of their apps as educational for babies. CCFC’s latest effort in our ongoing campaign to hold the “genius baby” media industry accountable is off to a fantastic start. One app developer has already significantly changed its marketing. And we’ve also kick-started an important conversation about babies, apps, and screen time through an impressive array of media coverage of our advocacy.

Children’s Advocacy Group Faults Learning Apps for Babies
The New York Times - August 7, 2013
Coverage of our FTC complaints against Fisher-Price and Open Solutions in the context of CCFC’s history of successful efforts to stop the deceptive advertising of baby media as educational.

Under Scrutiny, Baby App Maker Amends Learning Claims
The New York Times - August 16, 2013
Open Solutions removes educational claims from its promotional material and CCFC withdraws our complaint against them.

Consumer Group Says 'Smart Baby' Apps are Scams [video]
Associated Press - August 7, 2013
CCFC’s Dr. Susan Linn describes how marketing claims about the educational benefits of screen media for babies are not supported by research.

Toy Industry Seeks to Defend Benefits of Apps for Children, but Scientific Evidence is Scant
The Washington Post- August 14, 2013
The Toy Industry disputes CCFC’s claims but admits there is no research.

These Apps Will Not Educate Your Baby
The Huffington Post - August 14, 2013
Does CCFC want to ban baby apps or shame parents? Associate Director Josh Golin addresses misconceptions of our campaign.

Apps Aren't for Babies [video]
Huffington Post Live - August 19, 2013
CCFC’s Josh Golin joins app developer Frances Judd, Shira Lee Katz of Common Sense Media, and Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Tech to discuss how young is too young for apps.

Watchdog: Baby Apps' Claims Exaggerated [video]
CNN - August 16, 2013
The FTC’s Mary Engle explains that companies must have substantiation for the claims they make in their ads.

Fisher-Price, Open Solutions Under Fire for Educational Claims Regarding Baby-Geared Apps [video]
CBS News- August 12, 2013
The more time babies spend with screens, the less time they spend playing in ways which are proven to be educational.

Keeping Childhood Commercial-Free - August 10, 2013
Infants aren’t born clamoring for screen time; CCFC is needed to keep it that way.

Are Baby Apps Bad for Brains?
Upstart Business Journal - August 8, 2013
A business website warns app developers to be careful about any educational claims they make because “there's an advocacy group on the lookout.”


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