Nickelodeon Is Listening So Let's Make Even More Noise

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We're making a difference. Recently, Nickelodeon removed links to from all preschool websites under its umbrella, including Dora the Explorer, Backyardigans, and Wonder Pets.

More than 9,000 of you demanded that Nickelodeon stop promoting its Addicting Games website to children--and there are signs that Nick is finally getting the message.  But we need you to keep the pressure on

Nickelodeon continues to link to Addicting Games, which includes some highly sexualized and horrifically violent games, from and many of its other kids websites.  And Nick is actually revving up its promotion of Addicting Games to children.  On Saturday June 19th, Nickelodeon TV will air the Addicting Games Showdown at 10:00 AM--prime kids' viewing time.

Will you take a moment to thank Nickelodeon for removing the links to Addicting Games from Nick Jr. ...and demand that they stop promoting Addicting Games to allchildren?

Nickelodeon has also removed a couple of the games that CCFC highlighted, like Perry the Sneak and You Da Sperm, but the site continues to feature games that are inappropriate for children, such as:

  • Nancy Balls: "You can try to keep women out of congress, but it's going to be really difficult.  Take their shoes away and collect guns.  That's how to be a MAN."
  • Torture Chamber III: "The object of Torture Chamber is to cause as much pain as possible to your victim before he dies.  Doing so awards pain points, and unlocks new forms of punishment."
  • Highway Pursuit: "Robbing the bank was the easy part: now you have to protect the getaway car! Shoot those jerks [cops] who want their money back."
  • Naughty Classroom: "Remeber that teacher you had a crush on...the subject of your adolescent dreams? Presenting our mouth watering version of the ultimate teacher-goddess! Here's your chance to fulfill your ultimate childhood fantasy!"

It is clear that Nick knows that children are playing these games; CCFC found advertising for Nickelodeon's popular pre-teen show iCarly on You Da Sperm and a Scholastic book for pre-teens on Highway Pursuit.  You can find more examples of the egregious games CCFC found recently at Addicting Games--and who is advertising on them--here.

We're pleased that Nick removed the links from  That's a start, but it's not enough.   CCFC won't stop our Addicting Games campaign until Nickelodeon stops promoting violent and sexualized games to children.  That's why Nick needs to hear from you today.  And please share this action alert with friends and family.


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