One down, one to go!

Just five days after being cited in CCFC’s complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, Open Solutions stopped making educational claims about its apps for babies. The company eliminated all claims that their apps teach babies language, math, logic, and reading skills from their product promotions. As a result of Open Solutions' changes to their marketing, we’ve withdrawn our FTC complaint against them. It’s the latest in a long string of victories in CCFC’s ongoing campaign to hold the “genius baby” industry accountable for false and deceptive marketing.

Fisher-Price, however, continues to claim its apps teach language and math skills to babies, despite having no research to support its claims. So if you haven’t yet signed CCFC’s petition urging the FTC to take action on our complaint, please visit

It’s a violation of consumer protections for companies to make unsubstantiated educational claims about their products. And it’s wrong to exploit parents’ understandable desire to give their baby a leg up—especially when time with tablets and smart phones is the last thing very young children need for optimal learning and development.

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