A radical idea for the coming total eclipse


Josh Golin

What if:

  • Instead of taking, posting, and tagging pictures, we simply observe and be?
  • Instead of broadcasting the eclipse for virtual audiences, we decide sharing with those we’ve chosen to watch with is enough?
  • Instead of centering ourselves in the middle of the eclipse, we choose to experience our own cosmic insignificance in the face of one of the universe’s most spectacular events?
  • Instead of modeling distraction for our kids, we let them model awe and wonder for us?

Too often in our social media/smart phone era, we trade presence for documentation. If a once-in-a-lifetime event isn’t enough to make us appreciate the now, what is? 


Your "idea" is Joseph Stalin's idea of radical

Your idea is completely screwed up, you Luddite. Don't you even know that it is possible for people to misremember and confuse experiences?! Do you know that it is even possible to easily trick people to remember early childhood experiences that never happened or could never have happened, such as meeting Bugs Bunny (a Warner Brothers property) in Disneyland?! Memory is far, far more like a crime scene than a video camera (why do you think Colton Burpo remembers going to heaven? It's a NONEXISTENT REALM!) 

That is why we must have cameras and Wayback Machines. Who on Earth remembers firsthand any solar flares of the 19th century, or the horrors of antebellum slavery in the South, or even LIVING WOOLLY MAMMOTHS?! Heavens, I despise your idea so much that I would imprison you for it if I could.

that's quite a comment!

Hi Jimmy,

I think you misunderstood the point. I wasn't suggesting banning taking photographs of the eclipse. In fact, the fact that there are so many great pictures of the eclipse accessible to all on the internet is one more reason why it I was encouraging people not to spend the eclipse documenting it for social media. 

I hope you had a wonderful eclipse however you chose to watch it.