See What CCFC Members Wrote To President Obama

As the nation celebrates the first Mother’s and Father’s Days since the inauguration of President Obama, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is urging the President to launch a systematic review of the regulations on marketing to children to determine whether they offer adequate protection for twenty-first century families.   CCFC has launched an online petition appealing to the President as a father of two young girls who has spoken openly about his concerns about commercial messages that sexualize children, glorify violence, and encourage materialism.  CCFC will deliver the petition, along with parent comments, to the White House for Father’s Day.  Here's what some of our members wrote:

"Dear Mr. President, Happy Father’s Day to a dad who is concerned about the barrage of marketing messages that sexualize children, glorify violence, promote unhealthy eating, and encourages materialism. I applaud you for being a parent who wants the best for [his] children and the future of our world. Together we can modify the negative impact screen machine marketing and media has on our children’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual capacities. Your tasks are many and your time is limited, so we greatly appreciate your assistance in this endeavor. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing.  I personally give you an A+ for your performance and effort as our President. I celebrate you as our leader on a daily basis!" ~Connie Hammer, Round Pond, ME

"Please help all parents out there who are attempting to fight the fight in this age of overindulgence. It is an uphill battle." ~Michele Perry, Frederick, MD

"Please restore some balance to the marketing madness!  We need help to do our jobs as parents.  Look what lack of regulation did to the economy;  it is doing the same to our values as a country." ~Maria Nicolo, Titusville, NJ

"It is hard enough to teach a child to be responsible with resources (time, money, anything of value) and at the same time combat the influence of advertisers and producers who want to undermine these values of responsibility. Therefore, I would like to see the FCC steer companies back to advertising to adults, who can then make decisions for their own households without undue influence." ~Amanda Hand, Fort Worth, TX

"Please stop the marketing frenzy against our children. Children are vulnerable and corporate marketers know this so they aim directly for them. Just let our kids be kids as long as we can without exploiting them!" ~Val Craig, Roswell, GA

"We are so grateful to have a president who is struggling with the same issues we are. You can strengthen our cause by putting into place a law that controls the harmful onslaught of media driven consumerism directed towards our children." ~Julia Emahiser, Nashville, TN

"Other countries demonstrate the value that they place on childhood by limiting children's exposure to advertising. At a very young age, my daughter had already "befriended" the McDonald's golden arches and would point them out with familiarity -- not through visiting MacDonald's, but because it is a sponsor of public television. Please help defend children from such manipulative behavior, as children have not yet developed the capacity to think critically about media (this does not happen until adolescence or later). Thank you very much." ~Linda Hill, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Please work to protect our youngest Americans from being targets of unhealthy messages. Can our children please be allowed to just be children, not child consumers??? I will do my part to protect my child, please do your part and use our government to protect our children." ~Karen Gyger, Lansing, MI

"Your family values are my family values. Please use the power of your office to protect our children from being brain-washed by commercialism before they can make informed choices. Let their mind and souls and bodies develop in the healthiest ways possible." ~Lynda Paull, NY,


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