TOADY 2014: The Case for the Anything app

Each year, the Toy Industry Association gathers to present its TOTY (Toy Of The Year) Awards. In honor of the industry that has led the way in commercializing childhood, CCFC will present its TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young Children) Award for the Worst Toy of the Year. From thousands of toys that promote precocious sexuality to children and push branded and screen-based entertainment at the expense of children’s play, CCFC has selected five exceptional finalists. Our next nominee is:

Anything app by Cartoon Network

Worried your child doesn’t have an attention span long enough to consume his recommended daily dose of branded content? The Cartoon Network Anything app for boys 6-11 features clips from the network's shows, each no more than 15 seconds long. That means a steady stream of bathroom humor and cartoon violence without any superfluous narrative. The app is sponsored by McDonald’s because, really, what else pairs so perfectly with junk?

TOADY 2014 voters make their case for the Anything app:

"15 second clips seem like too much stimulation too quickly for little brains and developing attention spans. Sounds loud and obnoxious, without adding the questionable McDonald's tie in." - Michelle Biagini

"All of these toys are terrible, but the Cartoon Network anything app takes the cake - violence, potty jokes, encouraging a lack of focused play, and junk food ads!...Our boys deserve more respect than this." - April Franklin 

"That gets my #MomsNotLovinIt vote. Doesn't the Cartoon Network realize that Ronald McDonald is the Joe Camel of fast food?" - Casey Hinds

"As a teacher I believe there is nothing more important than developing focus and concentration in children. This app makes me weep!" - Victoria Byres

"I decided that the Cartoon Network app provides apparently objectionable content in doses that require a very short attention span, plus ties in with junk food. Can't think of any redeeming value at all." - Margaret Wilson 

"These are all awful and it's hard to choose, but the cartoon network app doesn't even pretend to tie in with anything useful, (e.g. creativity or exercise), so I'll pick that." - Sara Breindel

"The awfulness of promoting violence plus junk food plus short attention span snippets makes this product a complete fail for parents wanting to raise a peaceful, healthy, intelligent human being." - Amira Brock

If you have yet to make your pick for the 2014 TOADY award, you have until Sunday, December 7th to do so! Click Here to cast your vote!