Violent & Sexualized Games on Nickelodeon's

Below are images and descriptions of some of the highly sexualized and horrifically violent games on Nickelodeon's  Nickelodeon promotes Addicting Games to children as young as preschoolers.  To urge Nick to stop promoting the website to children, please click here.  To learn more about CCFC's concerns -- and how Nick is finally starting to get the message, click here.

You Da Sperm
Accessed: June 2, 2010
Description: "What has this woman been eating that there are apparently jellyfish inside her uterus? Take Sammy the Sperm through the inner canals that is woman, and avoid the stingy jellyfish."
Advertisers: Nickelodeon, iCarly; AT&T, Motorola Backflip

Highway Pursuit
Accessed: June 2, 2010
Description: "Robbing the bank was the easy part: now you have to protect the getaway car! Shoot those jerks [cops] who want their money back."
Advertisers: Scholastic, The Suburbs Beyond the Stars; Cartoon Network, Unnatural History

Naughty Maps
Accessed: June 4, 2010
Description: "These teachers want to make geography fun. Can you concentrate enough to locate each naughty town? Welcome to Naughty Maps, you naughty baby you! I’ll be asking you questions about some really bad places, and let’s see if you can help me.  Locate Climax for me, please!"
Advertiser: Best Western

Torture Chamber III
Accessed: June 2, 2010
Description: "The object of Torture Chamber is to cause as much pain as possible to your victim before he dies.  Doing so awards pain points, and unlocks new forms of punishment."
Advertisers: KinderCare Learning Center Summer Program; Conrad Hotels & Resorts

Sniper Assassin 4
Accessed: June 4, 2010
Description: "Shawn's wife is dead, and he's retired, drinking, and growing a beard. But he's still the best shot in the business, so we're bringing him back for a little more bloody work."
Advertiser: 1800Contacts

Nancy Balls
Accessed: June 2, 2010
Description: "You can try to keep women out of congress, but it’s going to be really difficult.  Take their shoes away and collect guns.  That’s how to be a MAN. "
Advertiser: Constant Contact

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2
Accessed: June 2, 2010
Description: "The pet store couldn't get any more bloody. See how many cute furry things you can turn into messy, red pools. "
Advertiser: Cartoon Network, Unnatural History

Dark Cut 2
Accessed: June 4, 2010
Description: "More macho surgery! No anesthetic. No antiseptics. Just rusty knives, corn whiskey, and lots of blood!"
Advertiser: HealthiNation, Diabetes health video

Foxy Sniper
Accessed: June 4, 2010
Description: "Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.  Fear me, because I am a crack shot!  Assassination isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life."
Advertiser: Pedigree

Sorority Panty Raid
Accessed: June 4, 2010
Description: "Austin’s back and up to his old frat boy tricks.  Help Austin sneak into the sorority house and steal the sisters’ panties without getting caught so he can run the panties up the flag pole outside."
Advertiser: Red Baron Pan Pizza




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Addicting Games was its own

Addicting Games was its own website before Nick took over. It wasn't meant to be kid friendly