We Did It! FTC Takes Decisive Action Against "Your Baby Can Read"

We've got great news about our ongoing efforts to hold the so-called "genius baby" industry accountable for its false and deceptive marketing. Today, the Federal Trade Commission filed false advertising charges against the marketers of "Your Baby Can Read," a video series which retailed for as much as $200. In April 2011, CCFC filed an FTC complaint against Your Baby Can, LLC and its spokesperson and founder, Dr. Robert Titzer. Today's FTC action is a direct result of CCFC's efforts.

Your Baby Can and former CEO Hugh Penton have agreed to settle the FTC's charges. The settlement bars the defendants from further use of the phrase "Your Baby Can Read" and imposes a $185 million judgment -- equal to the company's gross sales since 2008 -- against the company. The FTC has also initiated litigation against Dr. Titzer in federal court.

We are thrilled that the FTC agreed with the charges in our complaint and commend the Commission for taking such decisive action. We are particularly pleased that the FTC has barred the defendants from using the product name "Your Baby Can Read." As we announced in July, the company -- citing rising legal costs -- has recently shuttered its doors. But today's FTC action sends a strong message to all marketers who falsely hype the educational benefits of their products and exploit parents' natural tendency to want the best for their children. There is simply no evidence that screen media is beneficial for babies.

Today's decision is an important victory for children and families and for anyone who believes that advertisers should be held accountable for deceiving consumers. Thanks so much to all of you who urged the FTC to investigate CCFC's charges against "Your Baby Can Read." We are also incredibly grateful to our attorneys at the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown University who researched and drafted our FTC complaint. 

Together, we're making a real difference in the lives of children.

Susan, Josh, and Shara

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