Who Needs Screens: 70 Ideas for Family Fun!

Worried about how to pass the time without TV, computers, or video games? Never fear! We have compiled a list of fun and creative ideas for screen-free fun all year-round. Turn off screens, turn on life and enjoy learning and creating with your family.

Outdoor Activities

Go on a bug hunt.
Go for a hike.
Create a crayon melt with your broken crayons.
Have a treasure hunt.
Create a nature mobile.
Make an outdoor fairy dwelling.
Visit a creek and find some aquatic critters.
Fly a kite.
"Investigate" the yard with a magnifying glass.
Plant a garden.
Have a toy car wash.
Go on a bike ride.
Play hopscotch.
Make a nature collage.
Have a lemonade stand.
Make a homemade slip 'n' slide.
Learn how to roller-skate.
Go on a picnic.
Build a sand castle at the beach.
Collect leaves and make a scrapbook with them.
Chase lightning bugs.
Roll down a hill.
Hold neighborhood Olympics.
Climb a tree.
Pick flowers and use them for painting.
Draw with sidewalk chalk.
Make a flower necklace.
Go to a park and play on the jungle gym.
Find shapes in the clouds.
Put music on outside and dance.
Play catch or Frisbee.
Visit a fruit picking farm.
Build an outdoor fort.
Play hide and seek, capture the flag and other classic outdoor games.

Educational Activities

Write a story together.
Read a book.
Learn words by playing "I Spy".
Teach time with plastic eggs.
Teach numbers with clothespins.
Explore insides of fruits and vegetables.
Fill out Mad Libs.
Experiment with water and oil.
Volunteer together.
Learn words by labeling household items with Post-its.
Play the one-word story game.
Play 20 questions.

Craft Ideas

Make styrofoam models.
Create art from cardboard.
Turn bath time into art time.
Turn an egg carton into a caterpillar.
Turn a jar lid into a stamp.
Turn bubble wrap into a printing press.
Create jewelry using milk plugs.
Create art with a toilet paper or paper towel roll.
Turn a water bottle into a rocket ship.
Turn a milk carton into a birdfeeder.
Turn newspaper into a pirate's hat.
Create little owls using acorns.
Turn clam shells into little friends.
Turn a milk jug into a piggy bank.
Turn a plastic cup into a crow.
Turn a tin can into Frankenstein (or another character).
Turn an egg carton into ladybugs.
Decorate a coffee can.
Turn old CDs into disco balls, sun catchers and more!
Decorate a shoe box.
Get creative with popsicle sticks.
Create clothespin flowers.
Make a family yearbook.