We Did It: Scholastic Expels the Bratz from Schools

Thanks to CCFC members, Scholastic, Inc. will no longer be promoting the highly sexualized Bratz brand in schools. 

In April, 2007, we launched a letter-writing campaign urging Scholastic to stop promoting Bratz items at their book clubs and book fairs. You flooded Scholastic with emails urging them to stop selling books such as Lil' Bratz Dancin Divas; Lil' Bratz Catwalk Cuties; and Lil' Bratz Beauty Sleepover Bash.

CCFC to Scholastic: Stop Peddling TV In Preschools

Date of Release: 

Thursday, September 15, 2005

September 15, 2005
Contact: Dr. Susan Linn (617) 278-4282
Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint (617) 278-4105
For Immediate Release

CCFC to Scholastic: Stop Peddling TV In Preschools

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) is urging Scholastic, Inc. to stop promoting Tickle U, the Cartoon Network’s new block of programming for toddlers, in preschools. Scholastic recently sent branded Tickle U teaching materials to more than 20,000 preschool teachers and intends to update the materials on a monthly basis.

Scholastic Drastically Cuts Corporate-Sponsored Materials

Thanks to you, schools will be less inundated with commercialism this fall.  In response to CCFC’s three-month campaign, Scholastic has agreed to cut way back its production and distribution of corporate-sponsored teaching materials.  Late last week, Scholastic contacted us to let us know that it was reducing its InSchool Marketing division—which  produces teaching materials sponsored by corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies—by approximately 40%.  And the overwhelming majority of cuts are coming from its corporate-sponsored materials.  You can read more about it in today’s

We did it! Scholastic Pulls Coal Industry-Funded Curriculum

Late Friday, Scholastic, one of the world’s largest educational publishers, announced that it would immediately stop distributing “The United States of Energy,” a controversial fourth grade curriculum paid for by the American Coal Foundation.  The announcement came just two days after CCFC and Rethinking Schools launched a campaign demanding that Scholastic stop pushing coal in elementary schools.  It is a significant victory for anyone who believes that schools should be free of industry PR and teach fully and honestly about coal and other forms of energy.

Scholastic's Suffocating Stereotypes


Josh Golin

From Scholastic's Firefly Book Club, for pre-k and kindergarten children:

If you can't read the small type, here it is:

For girls, it's the "Perfectly Pink! Pack: Little princesses will love these five enchanting stories -- filled with everything PINK!"

For the boys, it's the "Power Pack: Keep active kids reading with five power-packed books about rockets, bulldozers, and more."

Scholastic and SunnyD’s Shocking School Spree


Josh Golin

Last week, Angela S. was shopping with her six-year-old son when he started excitedly lobbying her to buy SunnyD. Angela was surprised – it wasn’t a product she had ever purchased for him. Moreover, “he sounded like a commercial,” yet Angela’s family doesn’t even own a television, so she was pretty sure a TV ad wasn’t the source of his newfound enthusiasm for SunnyD. And then, as her son excitedly told her that if she bought SunnyD his class would get free books, it dawned on her why he was lobbying her: his teacher had told him to.


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