CCFC Praises Landmark South Carolina School Bus Ad Ban

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2008
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CCFC Praises Landmark South Carolina School Bus Ad Ban

 Yesterday, the South Carolina State Board of Education voted to prohibit ads on schools buses.  South Carolina is the first state to declare school buses off limits to all forms of marketing.  The following is the statement of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood about this historic decision: 

By banning school bus ads, the South Carolina State Board of Education has sent a strong message that their students are not for sale.  The board has rightly recognized that advertising on school buses exploits a captive audience of children who are particularly vulnerable to marketing’s harmful effects.

The Board’s decision means that there will be no ads on the inside or exterior of school buses.  It also means no BusRadio, the company that hopes to use school buses to force children to listen to its commercialized, student-targeted radio broadcasts. Thanks to the Board, South Carolina school buses will provide a much needed haven from the commercialism that infiltrates nearly every aspect of children’s lives today.

We salute Board Chairman Al Simpson and the rest of the board for their leadership and determination in the face of opposition from those who hope to exploit students for profit.*  We also commend State Senator Greg Ryberg for his commitment to children and for first proposing the idea of commercial-free South Carolina school buses.

*BusRadio hired Kenneth Kinard, Jason Puhlasky, Graham Tew, and Warren Tompkins to lobby on their behalf in South Carolina.