Transcript of The Real Tooth Fairies Investment Pitch

Turns out The Real Tooth Fairies, LLC really didn’t want you to see their pitch to investors. Fortunately (but admittedly, not as much fun), there’s a transcript!

Can you believe that a childhood character known by millions worldwide has not yet been licensed? Every night, millions of children around the world put a lost tooth under their pillow and wait for the Tooth Fairy to come.

Yes-s-s! It’s another letter from my Real Tooth Fairy! … Wait a minute. I need to go show my mom. MOM!

What if this moment of real-life magic that kids and parents already buy into could be captured into a Tooth Fairy brand that girls love?

[captioned: Executive VP, Disney Interactive, 1991 – 2011, Took Disney Online to 36 Million Uniques; Acquired Club Penguin $700 million; Built successful Disney Fairies Site]
This is a huge, huge property and a huge character franchise, and the genius of it is no one’s really tapped into it the way The Real Tooth Fairies has. We could come up with a list of time-tested characters, from Spiderman to Mickey Mouse to Tinkerbell to Spongebob, and I believe the tooth fairy, herself, as a character, literally stands at the same level of these kind of globally-recognizable characters.

The ritual of a lost tooth and the Tooth Fairy is a built-in behavior that is tied to every child’s experience. Parents and children are having Tooth-Fairy moments every minute, every day.

The occasion of losing a tooth, it’s kind of like a holiday. It’s kind of, to me, the same level as a birthday or an anniversary, but what’s really amazing is, here’s literally the opportunity to create a brand new holiday that’s going to happen multiple times. I mean, kids are going to lose many teeth over the course of several years and each tooth is really a holiday moment. And I think the opportunities that that creates, from gifting to greeting cards to collecting, it’s just a massive opportunity.

The Real Tooth Fairies brand is the first to leverage and define this rite-of-passage moment that everyone celebrates. This brand has harnessed the ritual and made it more magic than ever. The Real Tooth Fairies shows families everywhere: This is what a lost tooth moment looks like. And while it’s founded in the iconic experience of losing a tooth, it goes far beyond that into magical entertainment and play that girls adore.

I’ve got to introduce you to my Real Tooth Fairy!

You know your Real Tooth Fairy?!

Of course, check it out.

[Girl makes a waving motion with her hands and a screen appears between her fingers.]

It’s so fun. And, she shows me all the secrets to Real Fairyland.

The Real Tooth Fairies match girls to their own Tooth Fairy who they’ve been dying to meet. Then girls enter a complete Tooth Fairy world, with their Tooth Fairy who loves them like an adoring big sister. The emotional bond between a girl and her Real Tooth Fairy is so strong, that girls confide their deepest feelings to their Tooth Fairy, through Magic Messages online.

The Tooth Fairy is an amazing character property, an amazing intellectual property. What’s been missing, though, is a sense of story. Every kid has heard of the Tooth Fairy. Every mom has told their kid about the Tooth Fairy. But no one’s really brought it together in a real product experience, with a real mythology and a real story.

No one’s brought it together, until now! Millions of girls are already immersed in the story, the characters, and the world that was created to license hundreds of products. It includes games virtual shopping, and a social community where users make friends, exchange presents, and rate each other’s castle rooms. Girls even pick kindnesses online to do in their families.

[Girl posts sign that says I Love You Mom inside the refrigerator.]

I’m helping My Real Tooth Fairy be spreading kindness on the earth.

This brand reaches far beyond the fairy world and into the real life of the girl and her family.

Yesterday I lost a tooth, and this morning, I got a Real Tooth Fairy letter.

Girls are dying to know their tooth fairy, and parents are thrilled to make the experience magical.

MOM 1:
My daughter’s face lights up every time she talks about her Real Tooth Fairy.

MOM 2:
You know my daughter’s Real Tooth Fairy, she’s like part of the family.

MOM 3:
The Real Tooth Fairy and I are the magic team.

With a target audience of 10 million US girls ages 6 to 10 who lose 20 teeth, that translates to 200 million tooth fairy moments. [The sound of a cash-register going “cha-ching!” in the background.] And biology guarantees that will never stop.

I think it’s this combination of an incredibly well-known, well-loved character, a real-life ritual, tied now, for the very first time with The Real Tooth Fairies, with a set of real character design and real stories, and literally a virtual world where kids can visit and be a part of the Tooth Fairy’s life. It’s bringing all that together that creates the platform for literally a massive opportunity.



I honestly found this so

I honestly found this so appalling and ridiculous I laughed until I cried. Next, biology provides My Real Menarche Fairy.

It is disgusting, and I

It is disgusting, and I wouldn't be surprised if "My Real Menarche Fairy" did show up someday. Ugh!

Yes it is

I expect it would be "My Real Aunt Flo."

Kidding aside, this idea is revolting. I don't doubt these exploitive trolls are already working to make sure nobody says "tooth fairy" anymore without paying royalties.

Tooth Fairy

Come on... if what the video says is true and this is one of the last childhood icons left to be tapped into, then let's take a closer look at this company The Real Tooth Fairies and it's messages of kindness and love and then decide if we'd rather leave it up to some other evil corporate entity with less heart to exploit it.

Oh thank goodness!

Finally, I can pay money for a hypersexualized, unnecessarily gendered, commodified Tooth Fairy! What a relief. Thanks, capitalism!