2014 TOADY Awards

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Each year, the Toy Industry Association gathers to present its TOTY (Toy Of The Year) Awards. In honor of the industry that has led the way in commercializing childhood, CCFC will present its TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young Children) Award for the Worst Toy of the Year. From thousands of toys that promote precocious sexuality to children and push branded and screen-based entertainment at the expense of children’s play, CCFC has selected five exceptional finalists. Who will win the dreaded TOADY? It’s up to you.

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LeapBand by LeapFrog
Price: $38.79
Recommended Age: 4-7

Wearable screens are all the rage. Shouldn’t your little one have one too? The LeapFrog LeapBand, the first fitness tracker for kids, is an ingenious solution to the vexing problem of preschool sloth—far better than turning off the TV and telling your kid to go play. With the LeapBand, she’ll get a virtual pet personal trainer, who encourages her to exercise . . . and rewards her with video games if she does. Which means she’ll need to exercise more. Which means she’ll get more video games. Circle of life. Vote now >

Mini Mall by miWorld
Price: Stores sold separately from $14.99 - $49.99
Recommended Age: 7+

Finally a toy that nurtures little girls’ inner mall rat! Immerse your daughter in the mind-numbing commercialism of America’s shopping meccas without having to drive her to one. With miWorld Mini Mall, girls exercise their creativity by building anything they want . . . as long as it’s a chain store. Build-a-brand options include sweets (Dairy Queen and Sprinkles Cupcakes), shoes and accessories (Skechers and Claire’s), and even a salon (OPI). What more could any girl want? Vote now >

U-verse app by BabyFirst
Price: Free with subscription to AT&T U-verse
Recommended Age: 0-5

There’s no evidence that one screen benefits babies . . . so why not try two? Prepare your little one for a lifetime of digital multitasking with the BabyFirst U-verse app, the first “second screen” experience for infants and toddlers. When your little one “draws” on a tablet or smart phone, his “creations” appear on the TV screen right over regular BabyFirstTV programing! “Experts” claim that young children learn best from singularly focused activities and multisensory interaction. But the glazed look in baby’s eyes while he’s multitasking shows that something truly revolutionary is happening—right in his developing brain. Vote now >

Barbie Loves Girl Scouts by Mattel
Price: $12.99
Recommended Age: 3-10

Help the Girl Scouts teach your daughter she can be anything . . . as long as she looks like Barbie! The Barbie Loves Girl Scouts doll, brought to you by a $2 million dollar payoff from Mattel to Girl Scouts of the USA, features Barbie’s trademarked impossibly thin body, pink capris, and high-heeled hiking boots. Of course you can buy other, more scantily clad, sexualized, and obviously TOADY-worthy dolls, but Girl Scout Barbie is the perfect toy to teach your daughter the soul-crushing truth that everything is for sale—including the nation’s largest leadership organization for girls. Vote now >

Anything app by Cartoon Network
Price: Free
Recommended Age: 6-11

Worried your child doesn’t have an attention span long enough to consume his recommended daily dose of branded content? The Cartoon Network Anything app for boys 6-11 features clips from the network's shows, each no more than 15 seconds long. That means a steady stream of bathroom humor and cartoon violence without any superfluous narrative. The app is sponsored by McDonald’s because, really, what else pairs so perfectly with junk? Vote now >

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An app sponsored by McDonald's? That gets my TOADY vote!

Girl Scout Barbie

The Girl Scout Barbie blew me away when it was introduced. I am a Girl Scout leader and volunteer - for eight years. Our girls can buy the Barbie at the Girl Scout shop - but no camping equipment.


How can one possibly choose? They are all so spectacularly awful!

TOADY Awards

This is tough - like deciding between Hilary and Elizabeth...well sort of. These are all great choices, but I think I'm going to have to choose Barbie Loves Girl Scouts by Mattel if only for the sheer Faustian bargain of it all. Actually this is not the Girl Scouts of America's first deal with the devil - and I'm certain it won't be their last, but as far as I'm concerned this is just a dressed-up version of the exploitation of young girls.

Feminism has many facets

I'm not happy that there's a Barbie on your list every year. I understand your critique, but not all girls are oppressed in the same way. Some are pressured to conform to mainstream beauty standards, true, but others are brought up to believe that our body type could never be beautiful in the first place. Or that being attractive is too dangerous or "slutty", and the only way to be safe as a woman is to hide our bodies and dress invisibly. Barbie helped me express my love for fashion and femininity, against my family's wishes. I never see CCFC denouncing superhero toys for their idealized and exaggerated male bodies. There is nothing wrong with kids being interested in masculine and feminine archetypes. We don't have to take it literally.

do not purchase

These are all undesirable toys for your children. Please think carefully before you purchase.

i can only pick one?

I guess I pick the Mini Mall ...they are all pretty awful

It's our first Barbie nomination since 2010!

Barbie didn't make the cut in 2011, '12 or '13. And this particularly Barbie was nominated for the awful Girl Scouts partnership more than anything.

cartoon app

it was a tough one, the mall was runner up but at least that involves a level of creative engagement, and.... Maybe even entrepreneurship?

The LeapBand

The Leap Band gets my Toady! I think it's due to my hatred of digital devices for very young children and the complete awfulness of this toy! Yes, just what they need a reward of video games.

Toughest choice yet

In the past few years I have always felt there was a clear winner (loser?) that really stood out. This year they really are ALL so bad. I am going with GS Barbie because I really was so disappointed that an organization that taught me about leadership, friendship and service is now teaching commercialism.

So disturbing.

How to choose one among these horrible products? For me it's between the U-verse app by "BabyFirst (yeah, right)" and the mini mall. Both are equally destructive, of course, but in different ways. Both are mind-numbing and developmentally limiting. The mini mall is the strangest twist on a doll house I've ever seen, while the U-verse could have harmful effects on brain development and rob infants of crucial time when the brain is growing rapidly. My vote - - U-verse app.

worst toy

Mini mall is the worst toy of the year