Fun Irish campaign tells junk food peddlers: Stop Targeting Kids!

By: David Monahan

We’re big fans of the Irish Heart Foundation’s new “Stop Targeting Kids” campaign. It’s a fun and easy-to-share way to get the point across: corporations have plenty of dirty tricks up their sleeves in order to get kids hooked on junk food! 

The campaign’s videos feature “brand managers” happily revealing their best kid-targeting techniques — like this one starring Kerry Connolly Cooper of the fictional “Chewbos” candy:

“What do I love most about advertising online? Probably that kids don’t even realize they’re watching an ad. Or that they’re being targeted. That way they really let their guard down. They’re so defenseless!” 

Stop Targeting Kids is hosting a petition calling on the Irish government to regulate online and social media marketing of junk food, and to strengthen a ban on junk food TV ads during children’s programming. 

It’s great to see other organizations fighting the targeting of kids, especially with such fun and creative resources. Check out the videos and share your favorites — and remember, it’s not just junk food marketers using these techniques!