Food Marketing

Big Soda’s Publicity Stunt

The American Beverage Association (ABA) has been marketing a new responsible image; however, it has spent more money marketing this image than it has spent actually being responsible. The ABA has released a policy aimed at providing lower calorie and/or more nutritious beverages to schools—but the ABA does not directly contract schools, there is no enforcement or oversight mechanism, and the policy only applies to vending machines.

Suing the Pants Off SpongeBob

This article describes how CFCC intended to sue Viacom for using children's cartoon characters to market foods high in fat and sugar to children. These marketing practices take advantage of children’s developmental abilities; they work because children under the age of 8 are too young to understand their persuasive intent.

It's Official: Big Food Targets Kids

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a landmark report on food marketing to children. The FTC subpoenaed 44 food and beverage industries to find out how much money is spent targeting youth with marketing. It found that in 2006 companies spent approximately $1,618,600,000. This enormous figure and the context of how children are marketed to are explored.

Food Marketing to Children in the Context of a Marketing Maelstrom

Childhood obesity is a serious public health problem, yet children are targeted as never before with marketing for foods high in sugar, fat, salt, and calories. Food marketing to children is sophisticated, increasingly well-funded, and takes place within the context of a barrage of other kinds of child-targeted marketing. The article recommends that, instead of being viewed as a familial problem, the current marketing maelstrom should be seen as a societal issue.

Calories for Sale

Childhood obesity rates are linked to food advertising. Because of the pervasive extent of child-centered food marketing, there is a need for more stringent government regulations. This article explores the depth of child-centered food marketing and offers grassroots strategies for instituting change.


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