Materialistic Values

Slow Family Living

Slow Family Living is an easy-to-read book that teaches families how to slow down and enjoy each other. In our fast-paced world, we often forget that we have choices in how to spend our time and that time with our families is precious. Slow Family Living features seventy five tips on how to slow down and prioritize family time. Noll advocates for checking in with your family's lifestyle, playing and learning together and resisting the pressures of commercialism.

As Marketing to Children Intensifies, What Can Society Do?

This article in Solutions sums up not only the consequences of advertising to children, but also steps that readers and concerned parents can take to make a difference. It suggests educating teachers about the harmful effects that advertising can have while challenging the government to limit marketing presence in schools, and also mindful parenting as well. The article highlights the work that CCFC is doing in the struggle against corporate influence on childhood.

Materialistic Values and Family Stress

The primary message of commercial culture is that the things we buy will make us happy. In fact, that’s not true. Research tells us that our sense of wellbeing depends on relationships, a sense of community, spiritual nourishment, and/or job satisfaction, not on acquiring “things.” Children who are more materialistic are less happy, more depressed, more anxious and have lower self-esteem.


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