School Commercialism

CCFC members help put the kibosh on school billboards


David Monahan, CCFC Campaign Manager

Good news! On January 5, 2017, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder vetoed a bill which would have allowed digital billboards to go up on public school property, subjecting vulnerable children to bright commercial advertising. We applaud Governor Snyder for putting the welfare of children first! 

Keep digital billboards away from Michigan schools

Michigan Senate Bill 953 would allow public school zoning to be included in "unzoned commercial or industrial areas." This would allow digital billboards like the one pictured here to go up on public school property, subjecting vulnerable children to bright commercial advertising.  The bill has passed and is on the way to Governor Snyder’s desk for consideration. Sign our petition to protect children from this bad idea.

L.A. Teachers to McDonald's: Stay Away from Our Students


David Monahan and Sriram Madhusoodanan

This piece was originally published at BeyondChron 

This week, Los Angeles teachers made it very clear: it’s time for McDonald’s to stay away from their students and schools. “Across the country and in Los Angeles, McDonald’s is exploiting our schools and teachers to market its unhealthy fare to children,” said Cecily Myart-Cruz, vice president of United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA).

Don’t Sell Out NJ Kids with School Bus Ads. Especially Not For Pennies.


David Monahan and Anna Sandler

If someone offered you a dollar a year to advertise to your child, potentially putting their safety in jeopardy, would you do it? Of course not. Yet that’s what many New Jersey school districts are doing by placing ads on the exterior of their school buses.

CCFC Files Testimony to Support Ban on Junk Food Ads in Rhode Island Schools


David Monahan

The State of Rhode Island House Health Education and Welfare Committee is considering a bill which would prohibit any advertising in schools for food or beverages which do not meet minimum USDA nutrition standards. While CCFC believes schools should be free of all advertising, the bill is an important step towards protecting Rhode Island students from junk food marketing. Below is the testimony which CCFC and Corporate Accountability International have filed in support of this bill.

Ontario school district says “No thanks, TD Bank!”


David Monahan

The York Region District School Board in Ontario, Canada recently turned down a supply of a children’s book provided by TD Bank, because each copy featured prominent bank branding in violation of district policies and procedures which prohibit corporate advertising in school materials. We applaud the Board for enforcing the policy and protecting children from corporate advertising!


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