School Commercialism

Advertising in Schools

Corporate-sponsored TV newscasts and commercialized radio on school buses.  McLibraries, Coca Cola vending machines, and milk cartons sporting ads.  Math lessons courtesy of Pokémon, and sports fields named after Rust-Oleum.  Marketers love to target students in schools.

Thirst For Profit

Companies such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo spend large sums of money on public relations tactics designed to undermine efforts of nutrition advocates. CCFC’s Michele Simon recommends ways to ensure that nutrition policies are passed and implemented.

Today's Class Brought to You By...

Major corporations provide free curricula to schools to promote their products to captive audiences who cannot change the channel or click a new website. To stop this undermining of our educational system, we should ban advertising in schools, ensure that schools are fully funded, and/or screen school resources to ensure that they are educationally relevant, accurate, and complete.


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