School Commercialism

Tell Kmart: Stop Stealing Taxpayer-Funded Class Time

Thanks to you, Scholastic is significantly scaling back its InSchool Marketing Division.  Now we’ve set our sights on the most insidious in-school advertiser of all: Channel One News.  For more than 20 years, Channel One News has forced students to watch a 12-minute daily “newscast” (many of the stories are actually fluff pieces promoting music or movies) that includes 2 minutes of commercials.  Schools showing Channel One lose a full week of instructional time each school year to the broadcasts.  A full day is lost to just to the commercials.

Tell Scholastic: Stop the In-School SunnyD Sugar Spree

When CCFC member Angela Stephens went shopping with her six-year-old son, she was surprised when he “launched into a commercial for SunnyD.”  Angela's family goes to great lengths to protect her son from commercial influences and has never purchased SunnyD because of concerns about its poor nutritional value.

But when her son excitedly told her that if she bought SunnyD his class would get free books, she realized why he was lobbying so hard: his teacher told him to.


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