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How to Nourish Screen-Free Connections: Lessons from Camp Grounded


Bill Softky & Criscillia Benford

We’re parents, and proud ones. Our kids, now ages 20 and 23, have each already enjoyed healthy, respectful relationships, which we regard as a far better marker of functional personhood than grades or money. Still, we’re glad they can support themselves now.

Our only regret is having let them spend so much time with screens when they were kids, and then buying them laptops and smartphones which encouraged the practice. If we knew then what we know now, we would have deliberately carved out more time for family conversations and activities in real life.

A Fourth Grader's Perspective on Screen Time


Mark N., fourth grade teacher in IL and CCFC member
This month, I had my students write what I called "Activist Poems". We brainstormed a variety of social issues that affect both adults and children. The list had a variety of topics from smoking to terrorism to homelessness. My contribution to the list was screen time. As I read all of my students' poems, I found that one student, Oula, chose this topic to write about.

Real-life strategies for reducing children’s screen time

Many parents are concerned about the amount of time their children spend with screens. And with good reason! Research shows that screen time gets in the way of activities known to be good for young children, like playing creatively and interacting with caring grownups. And kids who spend less time with screens fall asleep faster, sleep longer, eat healthier, and get more exercise.1 

Play a violent game today in your Chevrolet


David Monahan

In the 1950s, Dinah Shore was all over television cheerily singing, “See the USA in your Chevrolet.” My, how times have changed. Now, a commercial for the Chevrolet Traverse encourages kids to nag their parents to buy a Chevrolet, so they can ride with their eyes glued to a violent video game—Plants vs. Zombies, Garden Warfare 2—which is age-inappropriate for many of the children in the commercial.


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