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Sara Hamilton (guest blogger)

I don’t have a TV. There. I said it. I can picture your face, blank stare, uncomprehending.  I’ve seen it hundreds of times. And then I have to launch into explanations. No, no television anywhere in my house. No, I’m not Amish. No, my parents aren’t hippies or Quakers or Nazis. Yes, I know what a TV is. And on and on and on. But the real explanation is not even really an explanation. I simply don’t have one, never have, maybe never will. I just looked it up—99% of Americans own at least one television set.

Going Screen-Free at Home: It's Not as Hard as You Think


Edna Rienzi, Center for a New American Dream

I don’t usually admit this to people, but my kids don’t watch much television.

I tend to keep this fact about my family quiet because I’ve found that people generally react in one of two ways: 1) they get defensive and feel the need to justify their TV choices to me, or 2) they completely dismiss me as a modern-day hippie who just doesn’t get what it means to live in the 21st century.

Screen-Free Week Spotlight: Spring Garden Township

Christine Kaufman is a first-time Screen-Free Week Organizer. We asked her about her experience planning a Screen-Free Week in Spring Garden Township, Pennsylvania.

How will Screen-Free Week be celebrated in Spring Garden?

Spring Garden will be working with local businesses to provide an activity each night for the kids to participate in. This flyer lists the free events we have planned and how kids sign up:


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