Violent & Sexualized Games on Nickelodeon's

Below are images and descriptions of some of the highly sexualized and horrifically violent games on Nickelodeon's  Nickelodeon promotes Addicting Games to children as young as preschoolers.  To urge Nick to stop promoting the website to children, please click here.  To learn more about CCFC's concerns -- and how Nick is finally starting to get the message,

2009 PG13 Movie Marketing to Young Children

In a letter dated September 29, 2009 from FTC Chairman Jon Liebowitz, the FTC agreed to investigate the marketing plans for several films rated PG-13 for violent content.

Citing thousands of child-targeted promotions for a slew of violent summer blockbusters, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood sent a letter on June 24, 2009 to the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, urging the FTC to to ensure that PG-13 movies are not marketed to young children.

Another CCFC Victory: No Violent Videogame Ads on Boston Mass Transit

In a spectacular victory for CCFC, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MTBA) has agreed to stop advertising explicitly violent video games on its trains and buses.  Their decision was in response to a campaign led by CCFC after we spotted ads for the ultra violent, Mature-rated Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories plastered over MBTA trains.


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