National Park Service turns a deaf ear to public, approves commercialism in parks


David Monahan, CCFC Campaign Manager

via Public Citizen's Commercial Alert

The National Park Service (NPS) has ignored the hue and cry from the public and finalized Director’s Order 21, a policy which permits greater corporate presence and influence in our national parks.

This is how the public spoke out:

CCFC members help put the kibosh on school billboards


David Monahan, CCFC Campaign Manager

Good news! On January 5, 2017, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder vetoed a bill which would have allowed digital billboards to go up on public school property, subjecting vulnerable children to bright commercial advertising. We applaud Governor Snyder for putting the welfare of children first! 

Grandparent secrets for simplifying the holidays


Nathan Dungan, Incoming CCFC Board Chair

Years ago, when I was a young financial advisor in Philadelphia, a friend shared with me a simple idea for the holidays. He'd heard it from his in-laws, Sam and Trudy, who were concerned about the gift-giving extravaganza overtaking their family Christmas celebration--and especially the impact it was having on their grandkids. 

Sam and Trudy's solution: counter the "it's all about me" focus with a simple act of gratitude. 


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