This year, give kids what they need to thrive.

Our voice is more important than ever.

At the risk of oversimplifying the events of this turbulent, troubling year, let me say this: it’s been hard.

The lives of everyone across the country – including children – have been almost entirely conducted online. Kids have connected with friends, grandparents, and teachers on digital devices to create, learn, explore, laugh, and just to feel a little bit more normal.

But here’s the thing: as much as technology has been a lifeline, it has created and exacerbated a whole host of problems. And that’s because most digital technologies weren’t designed for kids – they were designed to make money off kids (and their parents)!

The ability to connect with loved ones during this pandemic should never have come at the expense of children’s safety and wellbeing – and that’s why CCFC’s voice has never been more important.

As soon as families began sheltering in place, we launched a COVID webinar series for caregivers and educators looking for help navigating the new normal. In May, we filed a groundbreaking complaint against TikTok for illegally collecting kids’ data. And soon, we’ll be exposing the dark patterns shaping children’s behavior on one of this year’s most popular online games.

CCFC was built for this moment. Will you help us continue this work holding Big Tech accountable and helping kids get the commercial-free time and space they need to thrive? 

We’ve got big plans for the coming year, including revealing the sneaky upselling rampant on a pandemic-profiteering “educational” app. And we’ll launch our biggest campaign yet – one designed to change the harmful, advertising-driven business model that creates so many problems for children and teens online!

Together we’ve accomplished so much for children and we’re on the cusp of so much more. Will you make a tax-deductible gift to CCFC and help us build a better post-COVID world for all children?